Angelina Jolie The Actress Becomes Guerlain Muse

Angelina Jolie :


Angelina Jolie was chosen as the face of the latest perfume Guerlain, Guerlain my. The American actress has decided to donate his income to charity.

In recent weeks, Angelina Jolie did only talk about her for his divorce resounding with Brad Pitt. The actress is uncompromising with his ex-wife for custody of their six children. Despite these difficult for his family and a last film weeks, seen on the sea,which has been a flop at the box office, Angelina Jolie keeps a huge rating among brands. The Guerlain House has chosen the star of Tomb Raider as new face of its latest fragrance, my Guerlain, which will be available in stores beginning in March. Angelina Jolie succeeds to his colleague, Hilary Swank.


Angelina Jolie has not signed this new contract to pay for lawyers for his divorce proceedings. Quite the contraryPhilanthropist and Ambassador of goodwill to the Nations High Commissioner United, the 41-year-old actress has decided to donate allof its cachet to associations.

More than a year of collaboration


The creator of the perfume, Thierry Wasser, said he was delighted to work with Angelina Jolie, to whom he immediately thought during the creation of this last House Guerlain fragrance. They began working together in December 2015. This is not the first time that Brad Pitt’s ex-wife associated her image a beauty product. She had signed an advertising contract with Shiseido brand in 2007 for the Japanese market, and it also participated in campaigns for Louis Vuitton, or even St. John.

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