Zoey Deutch Look of The Day

Zoey Deutch :

Oey Deutchs chose a truly Golden look for the premiere of “Why Him?”


Zoey Deutch (22, “Dirty Grandpa”), in the truest sense of the word “cute”, attended the premiere of the film “Why Him?” in California on the weekend. She wore a golden, ankle dress, which consisted of countless small metal sequins. The halter top and cleverly wrapped skirt fell this particularly elegant. A wider darts on the waist emphasized the slender body of the actress. Very sexy: the mega slit, which was made through the winding of the substance.


Zoey Deutch at the premiere of “Why Him?”


Other highlights included the small cut-outs in the material and different structured patterns in the rock. Deutch remained in the high heels and the nail polish of color gold. As well, she chose her eye shadow in a gold tone, that she was wearing black mascara and red lipstick. She wore her honey-brown hair in a loose bun. Eschewing accessories completely, her dress was the eye-catcher par excellence.

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