Selena Gomez Mega-deal With Luxury Brand

Selena Gomez :

There‘s ringing in the checkout line: Selena Gomez has signed with the luxury brand coach a 10-million-dollar deal.


Selena Gomez (24, “Kill ’em of with kindness”) has concluded with the luxury brand coach a mega deal. The singer is proud ten million US dollars will receive according to a report by the magazine “Page six” of the “New York Post”, that she designs her own line for the accessory manufacturer and is the face of the brand. Advertising campaigns with Gomez are also planned.


The company celebrated its 75th anniversary with a huge fashion show and many prominent guests such as Drew Barrymore, Zoe Kravitz and Michael B. Jordan until a few days ago. As a DJ, coach hired none other than Mark Ronson (“feel right”).


With the new deal Selena Gomez caused after its announced break which they ordered up for health reasons, for the first time again professionally sensation. That it is not a bad choice as the face of the brand, proves their popularity on Instagram. Selena Gomez was recently awarded to 104 million followers to the Queen by Instagram.

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