Scarlett Johansson Box-Office Hit of The Year

Scarlett Johansson :

2016 what drew the audience in the cinema? The answer is clear: primarily comic films. And then Scarlett Johansson.


Also in Hollywood, cash is announced at the end of the year. Taken over the task has once again the list obsessed “Forbes Magazine”. The freshly published year evaluation of the blockbuster actor does allow a clear conclusion. There are two factors that have attracted audiences all over the world in droves at the box-office: above allare the stories from the Marvel and DC Comics universes. And then, perhaps, by far,even Scarlett Johansson, 32.


So only an actress who has played with in any single comic strip can be found in the top ten of the stars who have played the greatest revenue with their films at all and that‘s only made ninth: Felicity Jones, 33, had played a good $800 million the studios, including “Rogue One” and “Inferno”. All other Top platzierten had played with at least in a marvel or DC-movie.


“The first Avenger: civil war all tops


Scarlett Johansson had the largest impact. Whopping 1.2 billion dollar played the strips in which she was involved – with “the first Avenger: civil war grossing was responsible alone for $1.15 billion. This sum was then even their colleagues of Chris Evans, 35, and Robert Downey Jr., 51, of course two and three in the ranking. Johansson secured the victory with a second, very successful role: you also in “Hail, Cesar!” from the pen of the Coen brothers was involved.


In this respect, perhaps the result of Margot Robbie, 26, is impressive in fourth in the rankings. The Thespian has due revenue of their films but also to around two-thirds the hit “Suicide Squad” to the $1.1 billion. But at least she did it as a female main character in “Legend of Tarzan” with legs to give also a blockbuster without any super heroes.

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