Reese Witherspoon Look of The Day

Reese Witherspoon :

Actress Reese Witherspoon presented a festive look for the Christmas holidays on her Instagram account.


Christmas is for many an occasion to become chic: even Reese Witherspoon (40, “Legally blonde”) has thrown for the holidays in Bowl. On her Instagram account, the actress presented a cute mini dress from her own shop “Draper James”. The shortness¬†of the dress and the high closed neckline lace provide a youthful effect.


Witherspoon wears her blond hair to her holiday outfit openly and in light waves. Particularly in the eye, her bright red lipstick which excellently harmonises with the muted black and white tones of the remaining looks stands on the snapshot. She almost completely omitted on jewelry, only to her wrist, she wears a filigree bracelet.

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