Olivia Wilde She Don’t Want to Look Like Melania Trump

Olivia Wilde :

Who would have thought: even with a new hairstyle can be a statement against Donald Trump. Olivia Wilde shows how.


There are many reasons a haircut: A separation, a new phase of life or simply the desire for change. But behind Olivia Wildes (32, “Cowboys & Aliens”) new haircut is a completely different, unusual intent: you want so don’t look like the new First Lady Melania Trump!


Admittedly, long Olivia Wilde, Brown-blonde hair have the future First Lady really somewhat reminiscent of the look. So that‘s enough now. On Instagram, the actress shows that she now wears a wavy Long Bob. The short video provided them with theHashtag “no Melania hair more“. If the time is not a political statement of hairstyles!


In the comments, the opinions are divided, by the way. Some celebrate the actress for her anti-Melania cut, the others find the action “childish” and “stupid”. Wilde however seems pretty well to please your new hairstyle and this is still the main thing.

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