Lady Gaga Cowboy Hat With 50,000 Swarovski Crystals

Lady Gaga :

300 hours of hand work: the “Victoria’s secret” show Lady Gaga wore a hat, the over¬†and over was occupied with Swarovski stones.


A new level has reached their enthusiasm for hats. When the “Victoria’s secret” show a black cowboy hat, occupied with nearly 50,000 sparkling Swarovski stones was presented Lady Gaga (30, “Million Reasons”) on November 30 at her appearance. According to the portal “WWD” a lot of work was needed for making the extravagant headdress. Thus, ten craftsmen were employed to finish the piece a total 300 hours. Also,the hat was additionally decorated with 60 hand tied strands of Crystal.


In total, the Black Hat should have a total value of $1 million. The design Lady Gaga‘s favorite Hat designer was responsible for Gladys Tamez millinery. The fashion designer has designed also the hat, the singer on the cover of her new album “Joanne”wears. The opulent ‘Victoria’s secret “version worked Tamez millinery with the Austrian manufacturer of jewelry. The ‘Victoria’s secret “is on December 5 on the US channel CBS is then broadcast to admire Lady Gaga‘s glitter Hat also in the TV show.

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