Irina Shayk Now She No Longer Hides Her Pregnancy

Irina Shayk Pregnancy:

At this year’s “Victoria’s secret” fashion show was super model Irina Shayk that burst¬†baby bomb now she shows her baby bump unabashedly

Irina Shayk, 30, now pregnant, isn’t?


Irina Shayk + Bradley Cooper: they have a baby?


In the famous “Victoria’s secret” fashion show was the girlfriend of Hollywood star Bradley Cooper, 41, of the legendary catwalk and dropped this bombshell baby! Viewers saw a small baby bump at the beautiful angel and celebrated the next Star offspring.

Irina Shayk: Make pottery with baby bump


Caresses on the catwalk with sexy lingerie, the model now quite openly shows his mini tummy at the potters. For the “love” magazine, she engaged in a hot video in lingerie to the clay. But not only their curvature is clear to see the breasts of the catwalk beauty seem larger and plumper than ever. One thing is certain: Irina Shayk looks fantastic with baby bump.



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