Heidi Klum It is in the Sugary Christmas Fever

Heidi Klum :

Also entertainer and quad Mama Heidi Klum is Christmas fever. But instead of cookies she makes with their kids this candy.


Heidi Klum, 43, is model, presenter and mother of four children. And so also the choice American uses the pre-Christmas period, together with the kids to conjure up sweet baked goods. But contrary to their German ancestry, the blonde bakes no cookies with their children, instead, colorfully decorated gingerbread houses emerge as a short video clip shows on her Instagram account.


While the focus in the clip on the gingerbread art is, but that‘s doing to the children of Leni, 12, Henry, 11, Johan, 10, and Lou, 7, is, is to take, because it caused exactly four different sugar Baker buildings in decorative colors and styles. Heidi’s comment:“Let’s go It‘s gingerbread decoration time”, she is happy. Apparently the model during the Christmas season has no calories and these sugary treats can have guaranteed nothing her dream figure.


Three of the four children are now divorced wife (2005-2014) with the British singer seal,53. Their firstborn is from a previous relationship, but seal with raised the girl and adopted it also. Currently is Schnabel, 30Heidi Klum with the art dealer Vito, allied.

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