Carmen Electra Look Of The Day

Carmen Electra Look :

Los Angeles sparkled Carmen Electra from head to toe. The large back neckline of the dress made for a sexy touch.


At an event in Los Angeles, Carmen Electra (44, ‘Baywatch’) sparkled in a gold glitter dress. The robe was indeed front high cut, but had a large back neckline that made for a sexy touch. The slightly transparent evening gown by Jovani fashion was to closely, which emphasized the figure of the actress. In addition, it was floor-length why their shoes were hidden.


It combined a gray beige clutch. Electra had painted her nails in a Rose-gold tone, she wore large amber rings on their fingers. The 44-year old sat in the makeup glitter: Besides mascara, she opted for gold and black eye shadow. She put her cheeks with a little Rouge and shimmering highlighter in scene. The American had applied nude farbenen lip gloss to the lips. The blonde had smoothed her long hair, open she dropped it over her shoulders.

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