Bella Hadid Their Big Body Lie

Bella Hadid :

Only a few weeks ago floated Bella Hadid as “Victoria’s secret“-Engel on the catwalk sleek and rank like never before. In the run-up to the model had to insert much criticism that it had become far too thin. Now, Bella however claimed she would cheese and fries eat every day a very big body lie


French fries and grilled cheese sandwiches to eat all day and it look like top model Bella Hadid? Would be too good to be true or? Supposedly but reality that claims the model itself is now.


Only a few weeks ago floated Bella as “Victoria’s secret“-Engel on the catwalk and showed up this slim and rank like never before. To slim for some viewers. The 20-year-old was called in recent times often emaciated.


Bella respond to the accusations of lean?


Maybe Bella is therefore now in the offensive and posted a photo of a grilled cheese sandwich and crispy French fries with ketchup on Snapchat. Yes, also a model once a cheat meal to enjoy especially after a successful “Victoria’s secret“-show.


But reportedly the sister of Gigi Hadid eats these things every day! Because the image she writes: my meal everyday.


Fast Food every day come on a plate

Who Bella believe? Almost at the same time, posted the dark-haired beauty Hot bikini photos of the beach on Instagram and presents her slender stomach where no grams fat is all over the world.

On the contrary, their ribs stand out more.

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Bella Hadid’s big body lie

This woman claims to eat now so seriously every day so high? Only 100 grams chips have around 300 calories, a grilled cheese sandwich still significantly more.
Is Bella Hadid herself? Supermodel wanted to just like to scavenge with lean rumors about her? Only the 20 years even knows the answer. It is certain: we now have hunger on a delicious grilled cheese sandwich!

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