Amber Heard She Wants More Money From Johnny

Amber Heard :

The war of the Roses between Johnny Depp and amber heard is simply no end. Allegedly, Johnny denied payment of the agreed compensation


In midAugust, Johnny Depp and amber heard agreed finally to a public mud-slinging, now starts the drama from the front. Allegedly, amber requires even more money from her ex.


Amber heard + Johnny Depp: wars of the Roses 2.0


After the separation, amber should get actually equivalent of 6.7 million euros from Johnny. She wanted to donate the money to various charity organizations, but so far she should have seen little of the coal. The 52-year old directly to the charities should have paid only 190,000 euros. Amber but wanted to have the money in your account. And it‘s not the only agreement, that Johnny should have ignored. The blonde‘s lawyers accuse him according to “Mirror”, that he was always still paid not Ambers invoices for jewelry and cars.


You do not abide by agreements


Also was a range Rover on the native Texan will be overwritten, and their possessions are brought back from Johnny’s private island in the Bahamas to Los Angeles agreed also. All of this should not have happened. The alleged reason: The “Pirates of the Caribbean” Star blame amber, breaking a confidentiality agreement that had negotiated after the separation. Sounds quite so as not the speech could be a deal between the two.

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