Miranda Kerr So Much She Suffered From After The Separation

Miranda Kerr :

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr broke up three years ago. But until now the model reveals how badly she was at this time.


Today, Miranda Kerr, 33, laughs again by heart. But a long time the cheerful face of supermodels was only used on façade. As she revealed in an interview with the Canadian “Elle”, suffered from it more the separation of Orlando Bloom (39, “main street”) as it made seem to the outside: “I fell into a terrible depression”, she now says. “I have never really understood the depth of this feeling, because I actually am a very happy person.”


Bloom and Miranda Kerr were married six years a few, three of them. Together, they have the now five year old son Flynn. 2013, the two stars surprisingly announced their separation. To cope, Kerr learnt “that every thought influenced the reality and only you are in control of your thoughts.”


She‘ve started twice a day to meditate, do yoga, healthy to eat and to be grateful for what she has. An attitude to life, which has helped her over over hard time after the separation. With success: Meanwhile, the Australian has found again a new happiness. Recently, she is engaged to Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, 26.

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