Kate Moss Great Party Ends in a Drunken Stupor

Kate Moss :

During a London dinner, Kate Moss has watched probably too deep in the glass: with run and response showed the supermodel not at their best


What was going on there in London? At a dinner on Thursday (October 27) not only Madonna and Idris Elba will have caused a stir with a kicking, even Kate Moss was there and ends up by her appearance in the headlines.


Kate Moss completely drunk


For Kate Moss, the lavish Festival ended in a drunken stupor. When Kate arrived at the dinner party she could walk upright, and was styled by from head to toe. At the dinner, was apparently moist Merry, because the supermodel was no longer to recognize when leaving the party. Stagger, she clung to a friend and could put hardly a foot in front of the other. The wall of the House served as a support. It was pulled her pantyhose in affected. With like views, tried the 42-year-old to move and fell almost to the ground.


Detox foot spa for Kate Moss


Kate makes each year a “master“Detox-Spa, so as properly to detoxify. This, she feels most comfortable at the luxurious “Akra Barut” in the Turkish Antalya. But would Kate Moss a healthier way of life put the rest of the year on the day, such a Wellness Spa would are worthwhile too, but everything fizzled within days. Because Kate Moss can not resist just smoking and the glass of one or the other.

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