Sarah Lombardi The Fans Turn On Her

Sarah Lombardi :

Not only with Pietro’s has jokes is probably Sarah Lombardi through their alleged affair. The fans no longer available to a large extent on their page and find clear words
Today should be decided finally in how we continue with Sarah and Pietro Lombardi. Has a future career? Will the couple pull together to once again? For the fans the decision at least as regards the love life is clear.

Smear campaign against Sarah Lombardi

The comments are piling up on the Facebook pages of both. And they go almost allin one direction: against Sarah. The fans are clearly on the side of the cuckolded husband. “He should be separated from her and take the child,” is it there or “Pietro toss them,.”

Was their love only calculus?

At a reconciliation, since hardly anyone seems to think. One commented puts it most dramatically: “Sarah is a clever girl. She has kept the poor Pietro hot if she wins not the relay, as it was the case. Then, at her side, she has the winner Yes Pietro. Sarah would be a nobody without Pietro today!” But a fairly common assumption is that she has married the 24-year-olds just out of calculus and have a child with him.


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