Sarah Jessica Parker How much “Carrie” is in “Divorce”?

Sarah Jessica Parker :

Sarah Jessica Parker is back with the TV series “Divorce”. It has to do their part with their parade character “Carrie Bradshaw”


Long time Sarah Jessica Parker, 51, was no longer in television. Now is the former ‘Sex and the City’ star back there. In the new U.S. series “Divorce” (“divorce”, HBO), Parker plays Frances, which ended their relationship goes. Thus, a whole new chapter in the life of the mother is initiated. Frances Parker assured in conversation with spot on newshowever, had “absolutely nothing to do with“Carrie Bradshaw”from“Sex and the City”together”.


“Carrie loved fashion and was always totally trendy. Frances, however, is rather”a woman who loves the fashion from the 1970s and fashion wears most of the time second hand, Parker explains. Also, the story of Frances was very different than that of Carrie.


What is special about marriage stories


“I have been always interested marriage stories. And in “Divorce”, I could play a woman who is at a crossroads and separates from her husband. However she discovered that a fresh start is not so easy”says Parker. As a producer of the new HBO series she not startled back even before tough issues: “Of course we wanted to also showthat a divorce is not easy, if children are involved.”

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