Mila Kunis It Will Probably Be a Boy

Mila Kunis :

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher makes a great secret to the sex of their second baby.Now Kutcher but has date itself.


In the seventh month, Mila Kunis (33, “Bad Moms”) might be now and still the world don’t know officially, whether it is a son or a daughter, the actress and her favorite, expect Ashton Kutcher (38, “Jobs”). If the two stars but actually wanted to keep secret the gender of their oldest, the thing went wrong properly on Thursday. Since Kutcher has date apparently in an interview with the “today” show.


Actually, the actor wanted to explain host Savannah Guthrie, 44, only that his little daughter of Wyatt, 2, already understands she has a sibling. He has done that but in telltale words: the proud MIME reported “You points to Mila, says“little baby brother”showing on the baby bump”. Noticed the gaffe but is not him apparently. Without batting an eyelid, he joked on. “…and she says”Beer”when she points to my stomach”.

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