Kim Kardashian The Police Chief of Paris Didn’t know Her

Kim Kardashian :

Kim Kardashian belongs to the “who is who in Hollywood, in Paris, you know they are apparently less. At least the local police chief admitted that


Kim who? The Paris police chief Christian Sainte must have thought that, when he learned on the night of October 3 to 3 o’clock in the morning of the robbery on Kim Kardashian, 36. He told the magazine “Vanity Fair” in his first international interview that he did not previously know the reality star and only once had to consult Google. “I understood quickly that who she is. “And now I know almost everything about them,” Saint said.


Who does Kim Kardashian?


Because the investigation is still in full swing and the brutal criminals who head holding a weapon of 36 and captured jewelry worth nearly 10 million euros, each track is missing, the police chief could reveal any details on the current state. For him, but no doubt insist that it is a real crime and not even initiated by Kardashian. That in the meantime some media had claimed that. Against the message the wife of Kanye has already prepared a lawsuit West, 39, according to TMZ.


Swallowed by the ground


Since the attack, the once bustling Queen of social media is literally submerged. No status messages, no pose, not even a comment Kim Kardashian seems disappeared from the face of the Earth. She also canceled since all upcoming dates.

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