Kim Kardashian Karan Suspicion: He is Guilty of The Robbery?

Kim Kardashian :

Kim Kardashian was prey of to robbers, where her jeweler worth millions stolen in Paris.The suspicion now falls on her ex-bodyguard, while she herself blames


Kim Kardashian has seen their probably most terrible night on Monday (October 2).Thieves had penetrated disguised as policemen in their hotel suite in Paris, where they tied up in the bathroom should have imprisoned the zweifachte mother, while they should have stolen jewelry worth 11 million US dollars. The reality star is flown immediately back to America, where husband Kanye West had broken off his concert due to a “family emergency”.


Kim Kardashian: Is your ex-bodyguard of thread puller?


More details about the attack and how it could have happened are now come to light. Apparently was not a coincidence that Kim was in her apartment in just this night without protection. A source reported that the robbers “had contact with anyone from Kim’s environment and security circles and thus knew their daily routine. Did you know that there were no bodyguards with her that night.” The suspicion this fall on Kim’s ex-bodyguard, who had accompanied the TV beauty already more often in Paris and knew so details of their private lives.


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Does Kim Kardashian have complicity in the robbery?

According to “People” the reality star but themselves blaming the attack give themselves, because she often had presented million bling their $4 in advance on their various social media channels. The said ex-bodyguard of the 35th agrees: “I saw that coming, as they their wealth makes the show”, he revealed the “New York Daily News”. Also fashion Czar Karl Lagerfeld had expressed already similar to and subordinate complicity to Kim.

Bodyguard was not on the spot

Kim Kardashians current bodyguard Pascal Duvier was en route to the murder with Kim’s sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.

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