Kim Kardashian First Photo After The Robbery

Kim Kardashian :

Kim Kardashian shows again after a traumatic experience in Paris. Unadorned and pretty much taken with


Kim Kardashian after the robbery


Dark circles, almost without make-up and with a very sad look: Kim Kardashian is barely recognizable after the traumatic robbery in Paris.


For three weeks the reality star has withdrawn, even on their social media channels,where Kim otherwise almost daily price gave something of themselves, are still set as.


Kim’s first steps after the trauma experience


With a good friend, Kim made a trip in a “frozen yogurt” store in Los Angeles on Monday (24 October). Usually Kim would tidy up for hours also for this appointment. But something seems to have changed. The desire and the power to put time in an extensive make-up session, are not back yet. Kim has put only some lip gloss.


It precedes in mini-increments, but it does something themselves. Such an experience can not work up finally overnight, but Kim Kardashian does whatever it takes to regain its previous strength.

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