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Karlie Kloss :

In Paris, the supermodels themselves are


In Paris, sense of the word – go on Wednesday in the truest “beautiful days” to end. The Paris fashion week ends. And supermodel Karlie Kloss, 24, has presented again their twitter followers at the end of a small, good-looking Potpourri of their fashion week companions and-Gefahrtinnen of the past eight days. in particular the recent Louis Vuitton show.


Are represented among others: the eternally young Naomi Campbell, 46, or even designer-star Nicolas Ghesquiere, 45. And a colleague who seems to have done it to Kloss: “kiss kiss bang bang” is about their common snapshot with Miranda Kerr (33, “so you can handle with life”). Whether it‘s friendly kisses, or the crash of the colors of the clothes of the two stars? It remains probably leave to the imagination of the fans.

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