Demi Lovato She Takes a Break

Demi Lovato :

Is it only the next year or Demi Lovato drops out completely? At least for 2017, the singer has announced a break.


Demi Lovato (24, “Stone Cold”) has announced to take a break next year. The 24-year-old wrote on Twitter: “I look forward to 2017. I make a break from the music and the spotlight… I‘m not made for business and the media.” Later, she stated in a reply Tweet was on the question whether she come back, that it is no longer worth the whole thing for you. Whether she is planning a comeback, she left open.


The announcement came only hours after an interview had been published with the singer and actress. It‘s you Taylor Swift, 26, and whose “squad”. She said the magazine “Glamour” of swifts famous ‘bad blood’ clip: “a song and a video that Katy Perry get ready, have nothing more to do with women‘s power.” Lovato also criticized that only women with perfect bodies were seen in the video. That give a totally false picture of the fans, how they should look.


Was Demi Lovato of later position on Twitter and wrote: “I do not understand why people care so much, what I say in interviews.” In addition, their fans should not forget that the words out of context can be torn when she give interviews. Sorry she does not want themselves but for their statements.

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