Cameron Diaz Together With Benji in The Beauty Clinic

Cameron Diaz :

Caught! Cameron Diaz and husband Benji Madden leaving a beauty clinic in Los Angeles. Cameron made again to inject Botox?


Cameron Diaz, 44, have been able to inject Botox is in the past already. But it is not done even their noses have they could operate. This enthulte the Hollywood beauty already in April of this year within the framework of the publication of her book “Longevity Botox”.


Beauty confession


The nose surgery had been to affable after a surfing accident in 2006, because while she broke the nose is already for the quarter time. Opposite “E! Online”she admitted already 2014 to have had Botox in the face. But she is not a fan of it: “it has changed my face in a strange way so I wanted to not look. I want to see my face rather age,as one thing at all belongs to me.”


Cameron in leaving the beauty clinic


Current photos show the actress now however with husband Benji Madden, 37, leaving a clinic for cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles. Cameron covered her face with a white cloth. What has to hide the 44-year old?


It is not known whether the Hollywood couple was actually for a treatment at the clinic. Cameron’s behavior but leaves room for speculation.

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