Angelina Jolie Crazy Thing With The Kids

Angelina Jolie :

Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie should have expected a completely crazy snatched their children


Whew, that sounds like pretty much chaos at Angelina Jolie, 41, and their children.


Angelina Jolie: Moving with the children


The actress (“salt”) lived until recently with her children Vivienne, 8, Knox, 8, Shiloh, 10,Zahara, 11, 12 and Pax, Maddox, 15, into a chic Beach House in the ritzy Malibu which should have changed but now. There she found 52, refuge after the announcement of the separation from estranged husband Brad Pitt, and fortified themselves.


Angelina Jolie: Another thing with Shiloh and co.


The Windows were fully provided with seat cushions and mattresses. No one could see into it from the outside into the House. Paparazzi were able to make snapshots of the children there. Possible that Angelina there shielded himself from photographers and other representatives of the media. This property was the Hollywood actress but evidently not private enough.


New hiding place for Angelina Jolie


Because as the American ‘In Touch’ reported, Angie and the kids should be moved again. Destination: Hidden hills. Specifically, Angie should be withdrawn with the little ones in the former estate of Denise Richards, 45, overnight, the ex-wife of TV star Charlie Sheen, 51. But really it does a favor their children with this second move? Finally the little ones according to insiders should be totally distraught, and already in therapy, to process the painful separation of parents.


Angelina Jolie’s new property


The new property of the actress should be reported to 743 square meters in size and have a considerable pool. But it is questionable whether the little ones may splash there in the next few days, or whether Mama Angie continues to try, to protect from pesky photographers.

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