Tom Cruise Why Doesn’t He Care About Suri?

Tom Cruise :

Now three years Tom Cruise and Suri will have no longer seen themselves. Now may is clear, why


Daughter Suri Cruise have broken off. Maybe this is his connection to a controversial religious community.


Tom Cruise: Why doesn’t he Suri?


On July 17, 2012, the last common images of Tom and Suri emerged, then the actor is no longer registered as a few months with his daughter. To this day. While he pays a large sum of regular maintenance, but see he doesn’t want his only physical child apparently. Be responsible should his allegiance to Scientology. The faith prohibits contact with dropouts members and Suri and Katie Holmes. “Katie Holmes is a persona non grata, so Tom can see neither they nor his daughter,” explains Ron Miscavige, father of Scientology head David Miscavige, compared with “Grazia”.


He has more freedom


But Ron, who turned the back of grouping in 2012 even after 42 years, think of Tomas a prominent have more freedoms than other faith followers: “he could actually do, what he wants probably even to see his daughter. But Tom subordinates himself entirely the Church. It is puzzling and heartbreaking.” That was also the reason why Katie filed for divorce from the Hollywood star four years ago. Since 2013, you shall be together the 37-year-old actor Jamie Foxx. It is unclear whether Tom has a new wife at his side.


He keeps in touch with his other children


To outsiders, it may seem incomprehensible that Tom feels apparently more connected Scientology as his now 10-year old daughter. After all, he is to maintain contact with his two adopted Coonor and Isabella. The 54-year old paid reportedly even the wedding the latter last year. Maybe it’s because they also belong to the community of believers?

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