Sharon Stones Stroke Shock

Sharon Stones :

What a terrible news! Hollywood actress Sharon Stone has admitted to have suffered a stroke

Sharon Stone, 58, is actually known, forever young and healthy look.

That it was the actress (“basic instinct”) but not always to the best health, she has now revealed in an open interview.


Sharon Stone almost died

Compared to the “Closer” magazine, the beautiful Hollywood Lady confessed now namely to have suffered a stroke in 2001 and it almost died. “I believe that I‘m actually died. Suddenly a swirl surrounding me light and BOOM! I went more or less in this magnificent, white light”, she vividly described the situation.


Sharon Stone suffered a stroke in 2001

Also said to have met deceased friend in this intermediate world. “I saw and met some of my friends. People who were very dear to me. It was a real journey for me which led me to places in this world and the hereafter. It happened very fast. Suddenly was back again. Back in my body.”


She had to relearn the walking and talking

This body but initially not so wanted, as Sharon Stone would probably like to have it. The beauty of cinema had to the walking and talking in the rehab to learn again a huge challenge for the Film star.


No fear of death


But through this near death experience, Sharon lost the fear of death. “I scared more from death and other people may say that it‘s a fantastic thing that death is a gift. When death catches up youand he willit‘s a glorious, wonderful thing. An incredible feeling of well-being and close filled me. Death is very near and is safe. There is no remote or scary thing.”


Today you no longer observes Sharon Stone the stroke on the contrary: she looks so young and radiant as ever and ever.

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