Rihanna Is Your New Tattoo for Drake?

Rihanna :

If this is even not a proof of love: Rihanna let a new tattoo apparently for Drake!


Are Drake (, 29, “Started From The Bottom”) and Rihanna (28, ‘Diamonds’)? While all the world is still waiting for an official confirmation of the new music dream pair, the two US stars seem to be pretty sure their cause. After Drake confessed his love performed by Barbadian beauty at the VMAs, now apparently also Rihanna followed up: with nothing less than a sweet tattoo.


Her new subject shows a small shark with camouflage patterns. Actually nothing to connect to Drake suggests this. But resourceful Instagram users have still made the connection: a kiss Selfie that the singer posted a few days ago, also a plush shark with just that print is in addition to the two music stars to recognize.


Memories of a romantic date


“TMZ” wants to have learned that the toy was a gift from Drake. He bought it at a joint visit to the Aquarium by Toronto. A date that must have been quite romantic. The reminder is no longer forgotten now anyway, Rihanna for her entire life!

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