Mila Kunis “The Expectations of Parents are Crazy”

Mila Kunis :

Before Mila Kunis for the second time in the maternity, the wife of Ashton Kutcher takes off again on the canvas.


Mila Kunis (33, “Ted”) the role seems tailor-made as on the body. Also because the wife of Ashton Kutcher (38, “two and a half men”) is pregnant just for the second time. And thus with the part of a “bad mother” “Bad Moms” is “perfectly identify title of her new movie -“ that reveals as the 32-year old actress talking with spot on news.


“Tiger moms” and “parent mothers”


The movie makes fun of the excessive usage of many young mothers, referred to also as “Tiger Moms” or ‘parent mothers’. A topic according to Kunis’ taste. “Of course we are all incredibly seriously our role as parents, but sometimes we forget that we all have also a life outside of our children. This film touches so a little on the wound”, so Kunis.


The actress believes that it is easier to turn” with mothers. And it has a very simplereason: “everyone wants to deliver his work, then go back to the family. There is notlong to hang out after the filming.”


Her co-stars were real lucky


Also in the film, Christina Apple gate, Kristen Bell and Kathryn are to see cock. “The ladies were absolutely class. We have enjoyed every minute on the set. And that is areal happiness, because there‘s nothing worse than having to do a job with people you can’t stand”, so Kunis, who has made very probably had any such experience, is how they. Names wanted to not call them however.


Again and again she also feel the pressure to be a perfect mother. “My daughter i only 21 months old. Therefore I Victor of the stress not so much. But yes, the expectations of parents and especially mothers today are already crazy”, so Kunis next. Errors were “simply no longer allowed. Everything must be done perfectly. “Otherwise,you feel the same as a Raben mutter“.

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