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Mariah Carey :

Mariah Carey about her life of luxury


“I SIP champagne in the evening at my glass and thank God for all the love, my children, and health. But shortly afterwards the cucumber mask and a liter of Evian water comes, please not too cold.”


She is a diva, and knows it: Mariah Carey (46, “me. I am the MariahThe elusive chanteuse”) loves the luxury that surrounds them. In the “Bild am Sonntag” interview, the singer spoke openly about their decadent lifestyle. Champagne, yachts and jewels belong to an ordinary day in her life, how she betrayed. Nevertheless, she was still¬†the same person as before. Only it is now of course nice, if she “can order an expensive bottle of champagne in the dressing room, without having to look at the price”.

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