Kylie Jenner The Model is Suddenly Blonde

Kylie Jenner :

In the run-up to the New York fashion week, Kylie Jenner has opted for a new look:the 19 year old model is now blond.


And again a new look: Kylie Jenner is blonde, as shown on their latest pictures on Instagram. The 19 year-old model is currently in New York, where the New York Fashion Week starts on September 08. With her new hair color, but also with her sexy outfit, Kylie was already in advance and away from the catwalks. She was wearing a Bodysuit made of satin with a dark red leather miniskirt, who brought her long legs to the best advantage. The attention of the paparazzi was certainly her.


Kylie reminds her older half-sister Kim Kardashian with her new look. Finally also the 35-year-old was not too long ago bleached hair. Not to mention Kim’s penchant for skin-tight costumes. Kylie inspiration seems indeed for her blonde hair but to have obtained by other sister. A few days ago, she shared a photo of Kourtney Kardashian out youth times on Instagram. It is today also to see 37-year old with blonde hair.

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