Kylie Jenner Loser of The Day

Kylie Jenner :

Curvy Kylie Jenner defends itself against lean advertising


Poor Kylie Jenner! The 19 year-old reality star is known for his sexy curves and this¬†is also confident with snapshots on Instagram and Snapchat flaunting. But now used a company a model who looks like Kylie confusingly, in order for “Fat Freezing” are a beauty treatment in the problem zones away mind to advertise and set up huge posters at various places in Los Angeles.


The goal is clear: with the Kylie lookalike, also black hair, striking eye Brown and full lips,would you have potential customers to believe that this method of treatment for the dream body of the half sister to Kim Kardashian, 35, is responsible. That the clan wants can be of course didn’t. As TMZ reported, the family have already turned to their lawyers.


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