Kim Kardashian She Chose Hillary Clinton

Kim Kardashian :

Even if recent rumors suggest otherwise, Kim Kardashian doesn’t want Trump as President. She chose Hillary Clinton.


No, Kim Kardashian, 35, will vote in the U.S. presidential election not for Donald Trump. That was the reality Queen at the weekend in a statement titled “I’m with her clear on their homepage. In the past few days, rumors had come up increasingly, Kardashian would vote for the Republican. But, without any doubt, she was on Hillary Clinton’s page. “I think that Hillary will best represent our country and is the most qualified for the job”, so the 35-year-old.


It gave a time in which she is not even sure was, whether she should go to the choice at all, she writes further. She have not blindly want to select and then talked to friends and family through policy. So she‘ve discussed with Caitlyn Jenner a supporter of Donald Trump which you would prefer to do research. “And I‘ve done just that.I got thinking about what things for me are so important, they surpass all others. Something like gun control, the right of women to a safe and legal abortion”, writes Kardashian.


This year she go not only for themselves but also for their children choose. And also, if your choice is now fell on Clinton, she would condemn anyone for his religious or political views, clarifies the wife of rapper Kayne West.


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