Justin Bieber Again Everything Out With Sofia Richie?

Justin Bieber :

It was but a short pleasure: the affair between Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie is apparently again finished


Sometimes it‘s over before it has properly begun: the honeymoon between Justin Bieber, 22, and Sofia Richie, 18, is already over.


Only a holiday flirt


Even though Justin Bieber recently so vigorously defended its flame against hatred comments of his fans: A great love is flirting with the daughter of Lionel Richie, 67, then apparently but not made. More likely just a holiday flirt. Because as the US gossip Portal “TMZ.com” wants to know, everything is over when the two again.


No heart ache?


Bieber and Richie will have actually had included candles in the form of hearts to the 18th birthday of Richie’s hardly any contact since their romantic trip to Mexico . The sources “TMZs” according to the pop star, nor the young model suffering from so too great heartache: Bieber feel being single and get ready for new dates. Sofia Richie was seen allegedly again on weekends at the exuberant partying with her girlfriends.

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