Jennifer Aniston Now She go By The Throat

Jennifer Aniston :

Poor Jennifer Aniston! The actress does not simply rest, as the ghosts of Justin Therouxs past mischief in her life

That sounds bad! Between Jennifer Aniston, 47, and Justin Theroux, 45, the blessing should hang literally wrong.

The Hollywood beauty (“kill the boss”) and the series Star (“the leftovers”) go according to “Radar online” these days mightily by the throat. Of the marriage collapse, the ghosts of the past should be basic, which consume the pair.

Jennifer Aniston + Justin Theroux: Ehekrach because Heidi Bivens


Heidi Bivens, the ex of Justin, seems to still have an important role in the relationship between him and Jennifer Aniston. At least, with regard to the sale of a holiday home. There, the star couple is namely reportedly disagreed.

Different ideas about House in Hawaii


Theroux reportedly should love his mansion in Hawaii, that was a thorn in the side of his wife, however. “Jen is not a big fan of Hawaii. She went there only because she begged Justin”, as an insider to“Radar Online”. “He has still his house on North coast of Kauaʻis and finds that there is paradise on Earth. “But she finds it boring there.”


The real reason for Jens from grid


The subject provides the couple reportedly long nasty fight. “It is not only too rustic for Jens taste, but is also for his time with Heidi [Bivens]”, so the Insider about Justin’s ex, at least 14 years was involved, before he left for Jennifer Aniston.


Is true Jennifer Cameron’s nightmare?


The actress definitely wants to avoid the beautiful vacations with the ex-flame in mind such thoughts with her husband. Her mind anyway holiday in Mexico, their favorite vacation spot. Yet as she and her lover not to a common denominator.

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