Daniela Katzenberger She Can Even Eat Alone

Daniela Katzenberger :

When Daniela Katzenberger posts a picture, that ensures on Facebook discussions even if it‘s only a white sausage breakfast


Daniela Katzenberger (29, “A girl says“Yes!””) much to gold, which touched makes: your TV shows regularly make for good rates and talk their books are bestsellers and she has over 2.4 million followers on Facebook. With the cat in the social network also repeatedly taking a lot. Some pictures that last posted it on Facebook, providing split opinions among fans.


The hairstyle


Katzenberger has recorded apparently just photos for their new calendar. The cult blonde shared pictures of the shooting. On one of them is with a hairstyle of a la Marilyn Monroe. Almost 1000, the photo already has comments, including among other things to read: “Sorry, beginning 40 would appreciate you on these pictures”, “Looks like you were stood up grade” or “don’t even go the hairstyle back away quickly so that”. Cat Bergers replies: “some just about dead seriously” and: “The image (including hair) should be not perfect”. But the Cat Gets also much support for her Makeover: “jealous? But a pretty woman“, it says so or something like in numerous posts.


Daughter with high heels


Allowed the cat to show her little daughter on Facebook? More or less it was under discussion to a picture on the TV star holds the one-year, while it slips into her high heels. Also, Katzenberger has something to say: “and the alternative would be to do so as I had no child? She belongs to me, and ready. The pictures with her are really subtly, that I respect very.” In most of the news to the photo, the mainly female fan show ever anyway only tell the cat how lovely it was as a child to slip into mother’s shoes


The Weißwurst Knigge


Don’t eat alone can Daniela Katzenberger: on a recently posted picture is the meal. For some of the fans, there is a problem here, too: she uses a knife and fork. “… There will probably ban in Bavaria no meadows visit and any other bad penalties and that give only, because Daniela with knife and fork“raping the white sausage”and is not“zutzelnd”to the full Horst”, jokes a user. The blonde let taste be sure despite all the “fan mail” and will have their fun in the future, to entertain their followers with photos from her life.

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