Ashley Graham Retouched Against her Will?

Ashley Graham :

Plus-size model Ashley Graham is her curves. Recently, she posted photos of the cover shoot for the Canadian issue of “ELLE”. But in the October issue of the magazine,the American looks suddenly very different


That was certainly not in Ashley Graham’s sense: less than two months ago, the model on Instagram proudly posted snapshots of the cover shoot for the Canadian issue of “ELLE”. The 28-year-old wearing a black swimsuit and shows her thighs natural and untouched. Who look closely, recognize the cellulitis of the plus-size models.

Ashley Graham is available for their Cellulits

Ashley Graham had not accidentally posted, but quite aware these images. “” Someone once told me, my thighs were ‘Cellulite City’ “, the American writes.” But now I know that these thigh tell a story of victory and courage. I don’t want to determine other leave as my body should look like, make them feel good. “And you should notdo that.”


“I love every part of me”

A message with which she inspired many women sit retouched photos supposedly perfect models figure pressure can be. A pressure, which also Ashley Graham exposed felt, until she decided to get rid of it and encourage other women, to do the same.
“I had cellulite, I had lard, I had shaky arms and I decided to love every part of it”, said the model in an interview with the US magazine ‘People’.


All of a sudden it retouched?

But in the current October issue of the magazine where the shoot is printed, Ashley Graham looks very different no trace more cellulite. The before after comparison of the images proves that was retouched here properly. A fact which wants to ensure I didn’t notice the cover girl. Finally, this is in contrast to their attitude.


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