Adriana Lima Celebrity Picture of The Day

Adriana Lima :

Adriana Lima has posted her first naked Selfie
So so, Adriana Lima, 35, is now also the lovers of naked Selfie. On Facebook, the Brazilian model published a quite seductive, pretty naked snapshot of itself. In finest Kim-Kardashian fashion, she poses this completely unclothed front of a bathroom mirror. She covered the most intimate places only with a white towel.
In the caption, she writes: “I never been a picture posted, but here it is.” A premiere¬†which raises enthusiasm among many fans. More than 100,000 “specifications like” the model for the sexy photo already conceded. In the comments, but also many negative votes can be found. “Don’t do that please never, let you on this level down!”,for example. Whether Lima take the criticism to heart, or addicted to now also the naked Selfie craze, will show up sooner or later.


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