Shannen Doherty Poignant Words on Instagram

Shannen Doherty :

Since the day of her diagnosis, the cancer-stricken Shannen Doherty fights every minute for her life. And she‘s tough. On Instagram, she post a picture with a poignant message that affected their friends and fans now


“Every man has his own destiny. Not everyone decides for it to take it”, it was said already in the American film” the lucky one “. The actress Shannen Doherty, who have breast cancer a year ago, then probably belongs to those who do not accept their fate, fight, because they want to live after this movie quote. Now, post a picture of yourself and your dog and writes a moving message to their friends and fans.


You suffer from chemotherapy

person who is suffering from cancer, is another way,” she starts their message.Then starts with the diagnosis to speak about themselves and their own experiences: “the chemo therapy was awful for me. We have tried almost everything.” The word “almost” is the only thing makes still hope somehow, in someway, in this set. It sounds like there is something else you might could help. It could,however, not write them.


Shannen Doherty has learned much

writes them, the fight against fate and cancer, she had learned that it was all right to fall into bed and give to the point of exhaustion, nausea and the pain. “I learned a lot through all the wonderful people who have shared their stories with me,”writes the fighter. And thanked their fans: “thank you for your prayers, wishes and stories. You help me so much.”


Their fans are in mind with her

all over the world, commenting on her fans below the image and wish her continued good improvement. Some tell of their cancer history, their pain, their tears and their will to want to beat the cancer. And it seems that the majority have won the fight and so they also believe in the fighter Shannen Doherty.



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