Sarah Jessica Parker “I’m No Feminist”

Sarah Jessica Parker :

Sarah Jessica Parker has a new TV series. Whether these similarities with “Sex and the City” has, she reveals in “Marie Claire”.


Sarah Jessica Parker, 51, will return on October 9 with her new HBO series “Divorce”on the television screens. German fans can see the consequences via sky. In the interview to the cover story in the September issue of “Marie Claire” the 51 in talks whether her new show is similar to their series hit “Sex and the City”. Also, she shares her thoughts on marriage and divorce and reveals how feminist, it is actually.


Frances, which wants to rid her husband Robert, played by Thomas Haden Church(56, “Spider-Man 3″), plays Sarah Jessica Parker in “Divorce”. There would be no points of contact with the cult series “Sex and the City”. “It‘s something completely different”, represents the 51 makes clear.


Since 1997, Parker with Matthew Broderick, 54, is happily married. The two have three children, son James Wilkie, 13, and twin daughters Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge, 7. For them, it involves an investment in the other person and to the expectations that you have in marriage. If they change and you become wiser, could it be that you suddenly notice that you could no longer meet its expectations with this person. Then many people would give up. For their children, she has only one desire: “I want that they are happy and curious.”


Yes to equality

her role as Carrie Bradshaw, Parker is one of the circle of powerful women in Hollywood. Because her body was independent, let themselves do not prohibit the mouth and knew what she wanted. But as a feminist actress would not call anyway.“I‘m no feminist. I don’t think I‘m qualified for that”, she admits. She believe in women and equality. She wanted but simply that all people be treated equally. The large wage gap between men and women is the mother of three on the Palm.


“I hope that stops this nonsense. “I want that women value their contributions be paid and not according to old-fashioned ideas about equality“, so Parker. You also spread in the highest tones of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson, who have already publicly denounced the unequal treatment of women. “Women pay bills, get everything, take the children from one to the next location. The we talk more about it, we all become better”, is Parker sure.

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