Sarah Connor Where Is The Baby Bump?

Sarah Connor :

Sarah Connor vacationing with her partner on the sea. But where is the baby belly suddenly?


AHA, now we know why Sarah Connor no time for the family reunion had 24, and Valentina, 20, in the domestic with mother Soraya, brother Robin, 28, and her three sisters Marisa, 29, Lulu. The quadruple Kislay vacationing just with her partner Florian Fischer on the sea.


Sarah Connor lets it go well


On Facebook, Sarah posted a beautiful photo where she dressed behind the steering wheel of a boat is available only with a summery tunic. “Leinen Los! Into the sunset. You come with me? Or what are you doing now? “, she writes to the screen. On an another photo, the 36-year old presented the announced with wonderful sea panorama. Yes, it seems that it admits that the singer still really go well, before her baby bump continues to grow due to pregnancy complications may no longer is able it, to make such great holidays.


You likes to show her belly


Although Sarah already presented its clearly visible baby bump during a performance in the southern Germany Meersburg of public, nothing is seen on this picture of a ball.The wide tunic covered the midsection skillfully. Certainly it takes but won’t be long until the belly no longer so easy to hide. Until the birth it is but still a little while, the fourth child to be born in January.

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