Lindsay Lohan Now She Fears For Her Life

Lindsay Lohan :

Lindsay Lohan‘s afraid of her on-off boyfriend of Egor Tarabasov. The millionaire should be towards her very violent


Lindsay Lohann is currently in a real relationship drama and turns in desperation to the public. Is fixed, the actress fears just for their lives. Her on-off boyfriend of Egor Tarabasov toward violence according to their statements, and leaves out his aggression on Lindsay. Just a video caused horror that documented how coarse the millionaire to deal with her. Even more dramatic a scene occurred a few weeks earlier on a balcony on the Lindsay literally screamed for help: “you tried to kill me. You‘re a fucking psychopath!” Now the 30-year old again manifests itself, how much she fear her boyfriend really.


Lindsay Lohan is afraid


In an interview with “Daily Mail”, Lindsay reported that Egor occasions did to force her. Finally, she say as it really is, because too much has been speculated. “I wanted to make this interview because it‘s time to tell the truth. So many lies about me we reprinted recently. I have been silent for so long, but now I‘m afraid, what could do Egor me or himself.”

Will she give him another chance?


A terrible statement which shows how serious the situation is. Lindsay should have retreated but by Egor, but is their further statements noted that she again would give him a chance circumstances. “Me it is clear now that no relationship can be only with love. No woman can be so injured and but then stay with the person, if it is not ready to apologize.”

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