Lena Gercke Public Declaration of Love For Kilian?

Lena Gercke :

Lena Gercke causes a stir with an Instagram post it could be their first public declaration of love to friend Kilian Muller-Wohlfahrt


Lena Gercke, 28, and football player Sami Khedira, 29, broke up in July 2015. Since March, 2016, the model officially loves the doctor Kilian Muller-Wohlfahrt. However,they have since then never wanted the big stage for her love. Now, she makes a public confession of love via Instagram him for the first time.


Lena Gercke with message Kilian?

On her Instagram account message has the post: “some day we will find what we are looking for. or maybe we won’t. Maybe we will find something much greater than. that” Hobby philosophers recognize that a clear message, that is: the eternal relationship back and forth escaped Lena because she finally found those alongside them, which makes them happy like no one before.


Kilian Muller-Wohlfahrt holding back

Kilian is the son of the legendary FC Bayern-docs Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt, 73. He also works as a sports physician, has however completely out of the public spotlight. A fact enjoys the Lena, probably because this is in stark contrast to their two former liaisons with Jay Khan and Sami Khedira.



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