Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney She Left Him in The Lurch?

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney :

Recently, the relationship between Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney on ice is located. Friends of the couple told now why you go both for the time beingseparate ways


2016 seems to be the year of celebrity breakups. Also, Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney take a relationship break recently. Friends of the couple told now, why.


Lady Gaga left their Taylor Kinney in the lurch?

Five years they were a couple, Valentine’s day 2015 Lady Gaga and Taylor engaged even of wedding, nothing but for the moment is. Supposedly, their ambitions to make a name in Hollywood have led to the crisis. “The problem is that they in their future are not of the same opinion. She broke up with him. The main reason for this is probably”Gaga’s new career, an insider revealed the“heat”-magazine.


He felt neglected

Worse still, The 30-year-old should have changed extremely due to her acting career. Her career is more important than the relationship to the series Star: “Gaga has put the wedding on hold, after Bradley Cooper has mentioned about a new movie and Taylor felt neglected. He tried to give her tips about the film industry, but it has they resented him. She thinks that she does not need his help as the Golden-Globe winner.”


She wants a career, he children

Has Lady Gaga appearances in well-known series and Hollywood movies again and again since 2001, won for her role in “American horror story: Hotel in January 2016 even a Golden Globe. Taylor, however critically, eyeing flying. His greatest ambition:to form a family with the singer. “He bought 2013 a secluded House in his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he wanted to live with her. But Lady Gaga is a city girl and spends time at her home in Malibu. She‘s not ready yet to give it all up”,so the informant further.



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