Kim Kardashian Condolence Flowers For Her Mobile Phone

Kim Kardashian :

Not everyone may understand this, but if your phone breaks someone like Kim Kardashian, mourning is announced only once.


Mourning for Kim Kardashian, 35,: a few days ago, her beloved BlackBerry cell phone was that the spirit what she also broadly announced on Twitter. “So slowly the reality will clear me and I‘m sad,” wrote Kardashian among others and posted also an Emoji by itself, where she cries.


The problem: Your beloved BlackBerry model, which she owns in addition to an iPhone, is no longer manufactured, and she can get no new. With a very special gestureChrissy Teigen, 30, proved what a good friend she is and that she can understand the deep sadness of Kardashians to your Smartphone.


“I‘m sorry”

Via Snapchat, Kardashian showed her followers that batters had sent an arrangement of condolence flowers her course including personal message. “I‘m sorry. I know how much you loved your BlackBerry”, wrote flying among others. Kardashian was appropriately grateful and said: “You just understand me”. Also via Twitter confirmed¬†Kardashian yet again: “the best thing is you really! She understands my pain.”


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