Kendall Jenner’s First Time on The Cover of US Vogue

Kendall Jenner :

For Kendall Jenner has a dream come true: graces the cover of the September issue of US vogue.


“This is the coolest thing ever”, writes Kendall Jenner, 20, on her Instagram account.Your comment refers to the image of US vogue, which has posted it to. For the September issue, she is seeing for the first time on the cover. “I did damn it”, it is also called. In an interview with the magazine it becomes clear how important the modeling job is her. In addition, she speaks openly about Caitlyn Jenner. “I knew it would be hard, but now everything is normal. It is not funny at all”, says the 20-year-old about the conversion of her father Bruce Jenner.


When you look at sometimes old photos of her father, she‘ll be quite sad and emotional. But she should get over it, because there is now a new person to love. She think sex-reassignment surgery was so difficult for her, because her father taught her so many things. It’s like driving a car for example. However, did not turn them, even if some in their lives may seem crazy. She don’t have to rebel. She was raised differently.


Not a fan of Glam


In contrast to the Kardashian clan, the top model can even refrain is a .“There I distinguish me always of my sisters”, explained the 20-year old. Your privacy is important to her. And her career. You is now one of the most sought after models worldwide. She has built her reputation hard, however, when coming out of the reality-TV business, it can be that it is not seriously. ‘I had to prove that I can do it’, so Jenner. “This is not a joke or a trick, that‘s what I want to do with my life.”


Now she have the feeling to be a part of something. “I think I‘ve achieved something that belongs to me alone,” she says. The 20-year-old wants, that her career is long. Her idol is Cindy Crawford. You wish that your life take a similar course, like that of the supermodels. With the vogue cover, she has made a further step in the right direction.

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