Katy Perry Video of The Olympic Song “Rise” is Here

Katy Perry :

Katy Perry has released the music video for her Olympic song “Rise”. In it, she struggles with a parachute through the desert.


Katy Perry, 31, has released the video for her new song “Rise”. The song is the official anthem of the summer Olympics, which begin today in Rio de Janeiro. In the good three-minute clip, the singer is struggling with a large, red parachute on the back through a desert area. After some setbacks and situations that bring them to their limits, she manages finally to withdraw it and to glide with her umbrella through the air.Video is Here


The singer announced the clip with the words “we have risen to tears, blood and sweat (a lot of it). My new video on #RISE is finally here” on her Twitter account. In the soulful ballad it is matter, to defy all fears, to fight, and all serious situations back to emerge, the singer himself on an Instagram video summarizes. It matter not to give up and to stand together.

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