Katty Perry Pop Star Designs its own Footwear Collection

Katty Perry :

US superstar Katy Perry has announced a footwear collection for next year, which should be affordable and stylish


Shoemaker stick to your last this does not apply to U.S. pop star Katy Perry (31, “Rise”). In addition to their steep career in music, she tries colleagues Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Jessica Simpson now as a shoe designer, as already in front of her. The Twitter post, in which she revealed her new business on Monday, is decorated with a design drawing of a murderous high heel with asterisk belt. So it will be a collection in the Katy Perry style: striking, glittering, with a pinch of strong knallbuntem cartoon and this typical touch of Swank.


Sneakers, sandals, Stilettos and pumps from spring 2017


Perry enters the foot apparel business global brands group as a partner with the: A fashion giant headquartered in Hong Kong, has stake in brands such as Calvin Klein,Michael Kors, guess and Tommy Hilfiger. The Katy Perry Footwear” collection will include sneakers, sandals, Stilettos and pumps and is expected to be available in spring 2017 in the retail and online.


“It was my creative goal is to make affordable fashion”


Should the prices for shoes in the hip Perry-style according to the website of the magazine “women’s wear daily ranging up to around 250 euros from converted nearly 50 euro: “It was to contribute a creative goal of me, in the area of affordable fashion,” the Muse of Hollywood Star Orlando Bloom (39, ‘The Hobbit’) told the magazine. “To bring a shoe collection, felt like a good first step in this direction.”

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