Katie Price Derailment Against Her Son Harvey

Katie Price :

Katie Price has become noticeable during a performance in Mallorca with a derailment to her disabled son Harvey also she had no good stage finish


Katie Price, 38, has an appearance in the “McTavishes”-karaoke bar in Santa Ponsa on Mallorca denigrates her disabled son Harvey. While on the stage at the music recording from the Disney classic “A whole new world” waited, she said in the direction of audience: “I’m not f * blind like my son.” That‘s amazing, because in the past, Katie Price was always unconditionally behind Harvey.


Katie Price was freaking out


According to “The Sun”, She as a whole made a State drunk to. Afterwards she pacified the audience with the Declaration that Harvey not evil would have taken her this quote: “it’s the truth. “If Harvey what here he’d say ‘yeahhh’.” However, her performance in the episode was not better.


Obscenities when leaving the stage


When leaving the stage, she lay still with some fans and gave obscenities to the best. A witness stated: “she was absolutely over and it was not even late. Their behavior was disgraceful. In the bar were. many families, including small children”.

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