Katherine Heigl Stomach is Hidden During Love Scenes

Katherine Heigl :

A pregnancy can be for actors to the problems if their role is no child. Even Katherine Heigl knows that.


Katherine Heigl (37, “Grey’s Anatomy“) presented her baby bump in a tight white dress just pride at an event in Hollywood. And not just on the red carpet, the actress radiates. The pregnancy lost great, she said in an interview with “extratv.com”. Morning sickness they have no digestive disorders, on the other hand, know them very well.


Worries made her love scenes that are due on the set of her new series “Doubt”. She‘ve already asked, whether are there access from body doubles or she filmed only from behind, Heigl laugh in an interview. But there has something to hide. Everything from the waist up is so the actress for her order. Also her butt grow namely with the pregnancy. But not only in intimate scenes is to hide her growing belly in the series: you wear that’s why camera busy coats and bags before her body…


Katherine Heigl had announced in June that she is pregnant. At the television critics association summer tour party, she showed her baby bump proudly in a white cut-out dress. Two children Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley, 36, have adopted the two daughters of Naleigh, 7, and Adelaide, 4. The first biological child of the pair is a boy and to come in January at the world. Heigl and the singer-songwriter Kelley (“newlane road”) are married since 2007.

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