Justin Bieber Instagram Return was Just An “Accident”

Justin Bieber :

It was a brief comeback on Instagram. As Justin Bieber announced, enabling his blocked account was an “accident”.


The fans of Justin Bieber (22, “Purpose”) enjoyed himself too early: the pop star has deactivated his Instagram account again after a brief revival. On Twitter, Bieber announced: “Still no Instagram, it was an accident.” Yesterday Monday, his profile was available again for a few hours, after he angrily had switched to it about two weeks ago the private mode.


Some 78 million his followers had previously provided for spiteful comments after Justin Bieber had posted photos with his alleged new love Sofia Richie, 18. Previously, he was already threatening to this drastic measure. When his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez(24, “Revival”) to Word reported, the social-media dispute escalated and Bieber unceremoniously pulled the plug.

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